Thursday, 1 September 2016

10 week travel around Europe hints and tips

Tips, bits and bods during my 10 weeks travel around Europe.

1- Iceland: Photos 

reykjanes peninsula 
Snæfellsnes Peninsula
Settlement Museum /Snæfellsjökull / Drivik Beach / Kirkjufell Waterfall / stykkishólmur
Southwest Iceland
Golden Circle

If staying in Reykjavik for 2 days then this card is a great deal:  you can go to all the Thermal swimming pools ( which open from 6 am till around 22pm)  for free and check out most of the cities museum . picture

2- El Comino Frances: Photos

The Pilgrim passport  can be purchased  in St Jean Pied de Port at the Pilgrim tourist  Office: €2

3-  Cycling El Camino Frances 

In Pamplona there is a Decathlon shop  where you can purchased a cheap mountain bike ( you need a bike with suspension )

Double check everything before leaving, my gear sifters were not working, the pedal was poorly screwed in therefore was coming off  during the travel.

Buy from decathlon 2 x 1m cord  there will always be useful: bungee cord always break.

Pack extremely light:
Cycling gears can be washed in all the albergues ( especially in summer)
Tracksuit and hoodie for the evening 
Basic toiletry ( Soap/ Cream/ Sun cream)
Mini Swiss Blade knife

And if this is your fist trip: You can do it. I mean if difficult: push your bike up. I did not feel worse than other people . I am no pro cyclist ! I am here to have fun:) 

Santiago de Compostela  : Boxing your bike info 

Option a-
Buy a box in the  Correos for ( if I  remember 10 euro),  box your bike and and transport it to Santiago de Compostela express airport bus.

Option - 
Place  your bike on the Compstel express bus,  for an additional 2 euro fee and box your bike at the airport for 17 euros . The Service if I remember right runs until 21.30 pm and start at around 5 am.

Cycling Finisterre Way 

Santiago to Finiterre the 90 last kilometers, can be doing at an easy past  in 1 day.
The signs are well indicated : luckilly I had no map : and there are always people of the way.

In Finisterre can take a bus back with your bike to Santiago for 13 euro. 


 Crosssing Borders with a bike in Europe 

Unfortunately I did not know that crossing border by train with a bike is a hassle : Should it be either train, plan. And it is a no no on coaches!

But locally you can travel with bikes...I mean my hand luggage was quiet small.

So from Spain to Zurich ( brought a box ) saved the exact same box to cross the border from Zurich to Munich. 

4- Cycling the Danube in 7 days: Paussau to Budapest


Paussau - linz : Hostel Jugendgästehaus

Linz - Melk : Hostel Junges Hotel Melk

Melk - Vienna : Stay in Vienna 2 days at least there are too many great museums

Vienna - Bratislava: you only need half a day to visit the town center as well as the Castle and along the lake .
However said it was an industrial town clearly has never been to either Liverpool, Manchester or Russia. ( Bratislava is a picturesque little town )

Bratislava- Komárno the Slovakian side ( Via the Slovakian side! no Road)

In Komárno  check out this place, it is a restaurant and hotel too: quiet handy
Penzio Duna, Dunajska 2, Komárno  

komarom - Budapest



5- Budapest :



Check out this restaurant   :

Trendy, retro and cool atmosphere restaurant which  serves local and traditional Hungarian dishes. The staff is helpful and friendly and in addition their  rice pudding is amazing .

Budapest, Tátra u. 18, 1136 Hungary



 Shipping your Stuff back home in Budapest

 GLS  has the best value in shipping contents back home: Good price and reliable


6- Greece

 6 Days in Greece is duable 




7- National Park des Cevennes




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