Thursday, 22 December 2016

We teach life, sir !

RAFEEF ZIADAH is a Canadian-Palestinian spoken word artist and activist. Her debut CD Hadeel is dedicated to Palestinian youth, who still fly kites in the face of F16 bombers, who still remember the names if their villages in Palestine and still hear the sound of Hadeel (cooing of doves) over Gaza.

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Merry Xmas Doodle 2016

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Erratic meaning less words

'Demon frivolity'

' Thee boundless ingenuity of the coloured secret stones '

' The tress quivers intoxicated by the sense of farewell pleasures'

'A little piece of perfection by the love honey'

'whirpool of awakening'

'dispose the regular pleasure fever to  contiguous evening star's '

Monday, 28 November 2016

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Dublin in Pink

The colored stone yielding upon me the secret treasures of the outer covering of boundless impression

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Tenerife 8 Days

Tenerife road trip in 8 days

Following the bane of a  merciless, wet , cold and dark Irish winter  I decided to seek the sun and warmth of  October elsewhere: Tenerife.

Los Abrigos - 2 days 

Nearest affordable town to Tenerife south airport.  A good place to stay after 5 hours of being   in a cramped Ryanair seat.

Easy access to El Parque National Del Tiede: Go to the information Centre to enquire when the Park is restricted due to hunting.  Wednesdays and Fridays, I believe.

Los gigasntes:

Santa Cruz de Tenerife:  2 days

Guimar road trip along the TF-28 and a stop over  at the  Malpais de Guimar 

Anaga Mountains along the TF-12.
Hiking in Taganana ( Hiking time  varies from 3 - 8hrs.) and there are not many circular routes
arrived at the end of the day on the Playa de san Andres ( there are loads of cabins around to get change in )

Visited Santa Cruz in the morning , especially the market ( where local fruit and cheese is sold)
Visited the Laguna in the afternoon

No worries most town centre a less than a 1km.

Garachico: 1 Day

Headed over to the Garachico and on the way stopover at La octoava and view the colonial style buidings

 Rested up in the mountains  around Genovés as it  was far too prices down beside the below, beside the beach.

Los Abrigos 2 Last days

Visited Masca and did a little hike for  3 hours

Road trip in the Parque Nacional del Tiede along the  TF-21
then headed back to Los Abrigos ( 30min along the toll free motorway) 

I love goat cheese...  

Drove all way the back to Santa Cruz de Tenerife (62 km at 120 km/h,  only 30 minutes away from Los Abrigos).
Brought 2 kg of cheese worth for 25 euros  in the mercado Africano market(the last day may sound crazy but worth it)

 Swam at San André beach which  has beautiful white sand.