Thursday, 29 September 2016

Centaur FB Chanllange

First ever post  submitted for Character Design Challenge on facebook :)

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

10 weeks around Europe: Park national des cevennes



Spending the last few days around the neighborhood, and going round to rediscover those little gems that made your childhood filled with fantastic adventures is always welcomed.


( yes I do have a picture... and did....  but was told there is a 160 euro fine ...  by my fire-brigade acquaintance on the last day of our road trip) 

3 days in the cevennes:

Day 1 Avignon - Moissac-Vallée-Française: over night camping
Day 2- Moissac-Vallée-Française - Le vigne ( stopped at Sainte-Enimie, and went kayaking les gorges du Tarn)
Day 3 Lea Vigne - Mont Aigoual- Moissac-Vallée-Française: ( Our 3 hour hike went up to 7 hours cause we got lost ..... make sure you bring at least 3 L water ... you never know )
Day 4 Moissac-Vallée-Française - Nimes  ( Morning Swim and visit of Anduze)

Saturday, 3 September 2016

10 weeks around Europe: El Camino Frances - St Jean Pied de Port to Finisterre

El camino Francés walking : Part 1

In St jean pied-de-port  buy your Camino passport from the pilgrimage information center, this is different to the tourist information center !

St Jean pied de port- orisson 
Orisson- Roncevaux
Roncevaux - zubiri
Zubiri - Pamplona 

El camino France  cycling stage: Part 2

Pamplona - Estrella 
Estrella - Logroño 
Logroño - Santo domingo de la calzada
San domingo - Burgos 
Burgos - Sahagún 
Sahagún -León  ( Spend half day)
León - Ponferrada
Ponferrada - O' Cebreiro
O'Cebreiro - Portomarín 
Portomarín- santiago de Compostela ( 1 day)
Santiago - Cap Finisterre 2 days 

Bus back to Santiago de Compostela 

I brought my traveling  bicycle in  Pamplona's Decathlon: for €150 euro. Unfortunately  rock rider 340 was a piece of crap and was really disappointed as decathlon's product have worsen over the past decade ( i still have my tent brought in 2005) now they just break so easily
Also beware that the folks in decathlon do their job properly as while I was cycling down to Logroño on the second day, my pedal was coming lose!


Has all the info needed.. Number of Albergues in the tow , their location  price and number of beds. The  routes is well illustrated as well as the alternatives ( which can vary from book to book ). Fountain and cafe are also listed on the book.

For your information: This was my first ever cycling trip solo!

It was really tough, at some point I was reconsidering my holiday idea, whether this was total folly or pure idiocy to try to cycle the Camino.... it is the most challenging thing I have ever done up to now.

My bottom and leg muscles where crying, however I have the best time ever.

I enjoyed every single bit of it : The challenges and their  overcomes.

PS : The camino looks flat however  do not be fooled by the pictures. I just never took all the climbs. As my mind was more set on cycling up than taking pictures.

I said solo!?  but how can one be solo on the Camino. Hundred of thousand  seek the the same mysterious suffering goal as you: Santiago de compostela is a unity in : NO PAIN NO GAIN !
We all encourage each other  against back and feet  sourness,  various sprains and knee as well as more commonly feet wreckness.

What is the Camino....  

El camino is  
First physical 
Then emotional 
And last spiritual 

Buen comino!!!?

Left solo, arrived with four new friends

Santiago de Compostela : Boxing your bike info 

Option a-
Buy a box in the  Correos for ( if I  remember 10 euro),  box your bike and and transport it to Santiago de Compostela express airport bus.

Option - b
Place  your bike on the Compstela express bus,  for an additional 2 euro fee and box your bike at the airport for 17 euros . The Service if I remember right runs until 21.30 pm and start at around 5 am.