Thursday, 20 August 2009

Annecy Animation festival 2009

Annecy International animation festival was the best fest experience I have had so far. There were really great films in competition there as well as independent films.

  1. Les trois bridgands
  2. La vie a 9.99 $
  3. Les Lascards
  4. The Cat piano
  5. L’homme a la Gordini

Most of the Animation film industry people were attending the festival. The MIFA was stunning on top inspiring to see the quality of work of other animation students from around the world. In chorus my confidence was crushed as boosted.

Thank you Joa to have forced me to go there. I had the chance to see LES LASCARDS en avant premiere.


  1. wow, what a beautiful place!

  2. hééé!!! de rien de rien! lool ^^
    c'est clair c'était trooooooooop méga génial!!!
    hé heureusement t'étais là! à nous deux aucun films nous résiste
    veux y retourner!!! ^^