Monday, 9 November 2015

3 and half week in Asia: Beijing and South Korea

2015 let's go to Asia for 3 weeks and a half

Korea was on the list ( a friend was doing a WHV) and Beijing was on the way:) So a 3 and a half day stopover was a must, as I always wanted to see the great wall of China

 “Never put to later what you can do now” 


Beijing: Lonely Planet Beijing pocket size ( great book ) 

Very important question of ask you Asian friends 

the translation of  I am vegetarian and do not eat meat  in Chinese ( screenshot it  and be ready to whisk it out )

Hostel's downtown Neighborhood :  Beijing Leo Courtyard 

Day 1 – Forbidden City and Moa Building / Ghost Street / JIngshan Park 

(If you are not a Chinese citizen you will have to pay an entry fee for all  the parks)


Day 2- Great Wall of China: Mutianyu section/  798 District

Day 3-   Summer Palace / Olympic Park /  Ghost Street  

(we walked back from the Olympic park to the old town center ..... 3h and half)

Day 4 ( half day ) - Temple of Heaven  and it's Folks / Museum of Chinese People



3 weeks in South Korea : 

Seoul  5 days

Sokcho ( seoraksan national park) 3 days

( There are buses that leave from sokcho to Busan: it take average 8 hours .. and it is a direct bus)

Busan 4 days : Beomeosa, Gamcheon Cultural Village, Gagalchi Market, Busan Coast trail
Gyeongju 1 day : visit the princes and kings cemetery, Seokgruma : Buddha 's cave) 

Jeju island 4 days : Hallasan mountain, Jeju Folk village, Marado, visit jeju 

Jeonjiu half day

( Leave  from Busan train station early the travel I think was average 3 hours . visit Jeonju  and catch the  7 pm bus to arrive in Seoul by 9 pm or so) 

Seoul 2 day





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  2. Super photos ! et j'aime beaucoup tes dessins de voyage sur ton petit carnet! :)